We would like to offer through our website, quality erotic massage in the city.
We are cooperate with the beautiful professional masseuses which perfectly relaxes the body massaged from the technical side of massages, while sufficient attention is paid to individual approach, which is transformed into a unique erotic experience for peace Masseuses gently and with sensitivity acceding to the human body and its sexuality way too.

In this modern age when sex seems in most cases activities to satisfy the instinct, of course failing to stereotype, leading to dissatisfaction not only personal, but also a relationship, people are often forced to seek not only something new, but also very exciting.
Erotic massage its the best way how to enjoy it pleasure without taboo, recharge body and feel like a new born.

”Say yes, erotic massage!”

Is an excellent tool for exploring the path to their own sexuality and longevity.

The 7Th Heaven will spoil you with selected fine hands of experienced masseuses trained at every touch.
Our masseuses fully ensure individual approach and meet your specific requirements – do not be afraid to express your wishes and needs. We can offer several kinds of erotic massage in various lengths with one or two masseuses – the decision is entirely up to you.

How erotic massage performed?

Before the massage will be a short talk, the masseuse explain the course of massage, offering soft drinks and admit you into the shower.

The massage takes place on a heated massage futon, which pleasantly warms your whole body during massage sounds of soft relaxing music and soft candlelight. Masseuse massaging perfumeless warm massage oil, Nuru massage gel or massage soap that nourishes the body properly and give it the necessary hydration.

Body to body massage

Through sensual touch, a gentle massage of erogenous zones you slowly and completely released to the state like bedtime, which is ideal for taking deep, restorative massage phase.

We enjoy not only the elements of classical relaxation massage, but involve the whole body and his weight, which helps to improve blood circulation and lymphatic system client.

What our erotic massage differ?

Purposefully during massage works with sexual energy through sensual massage of the penis is using techniques for delaying orgasm is distributed throughout the body to achieve greater experience massaged, which can reach an internal orgasm, the body of the charging needed dose of energy that frees him from the cares of everyday life. You feel light, refreshed, reborn as a few days after the massage, you are able to deliver the best performance at all levels.

Shower together

If you wished, on request for masseuses accompaniment, you can take a shared shower after the massage, you thoroughly washed from the massage oil and a shower becomes a nice finishing touch, you love to receive. If you wished to attend unaccompanied shower massager, you can relax undisturbed and ”fade away”from the massage bed. Masseuse in few minutes personally pick up and escort to the bathroom.

Come along with us fully present moment, take time for yourself. Be just a moment ourselves, in each other and enjoy each and every gentle touch of a masseuse on your body.

Are you interesting about erotic massage for man?

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone on tel. +420 727 938 675 our operator will very happy to advise both the length and type of massage will recommend one of our beautiful erotic masseuses. We will gladly provide more information on the subscription and offer the next available dates. Please order in advance at least 30 minutes prior to the planned arrival of, ideally at least 1 day in advance.

Erotic Massages Prague – 7Th Heaven massage experience for your senses.




Height: 167 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Breast: 4
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Height: 173 cm
Weight: 57 kg
Breast: 3
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Height: 160 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Breast: 2
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Height: 52 cm
Weight: 167 kg
Breast: 3
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